Moving foward with purpose

After clearing out past blockages (New Decision Therapy), Kantillation is a technique to guide you to your next step in the future, to find your Heart's Song, your "God-Walk", the discovery and manifestation of your life's purpose. 

Kantillation taps into the bodies wisdom similarly to New Decision Therapy, and uses applied Kinesiology and connecting with your eyes in the mirror.

It involves a set of acupuncture points that are infused with certain thoughts/emotions, like "I feel safe and secure" , "I have love , faith, gratitude trust and courage", "I jump with joy, I am joy". If any of these points test weak during muscle testing, it needs strengthening in order to support you on your next step.

This can be done one session at a time, depending on which step on the way you are.

Kandis Blakely, PhD, incorporated the approach from Dr. John Diamond (http://drjohndiamond.com/diamond-path-of-life/acupuncture-emotional-system/) in this work.