New Decision Therapy


This is not a dress rehearsal, it is your life!

Clear stuck emotional energy

New Decision Therapy (NDT) is a powerful tool of self-healing, developed about 30 years ago by Kandis Blakely PhD. After studying with Dr. Blakely in Louisville/KY, Chartres/France and New York City, I was certified as a New Decision Therapy practitioner in 1999.  

In my 20 years of experience as NDT practitioner, I have seen this technique work with powerful reliability. As I guide you safely through the process, you will feel deep relief when the blockage has been cleared.  This blockage remains cleared.  It is done. You can clear one blockage at a time. Soon you feel the freedom of a healthier and happier you!

NDT accesses these blockages with the help of applied Kinesiology and frees us from past imprints, childhood trauma, through a process of forgiveness, letting go, and of loving acceptance. Self-Forgiveness at its core. It sets us free from denial, be it conscious or unconscious and enables us to be fully present. That’s where you make your life happen.

NDT releases ancestral trauma. Epigenetic research shows that trauma is handed down through generations via Methyl groups attached to the double helix DNA. Methyl groups communicate behavior, stress levels, and even illnesses.

Our physical body remembers all emotions connected to life events, traumatic ones creating an energy blockage on a cellular level. How do we release this blockage when we often don't even remember it consciously? New Decision Therapy is a proven technique for emotional healing! 

Kantillation is the next step towards manifesting your purpose in life - or simply your next step, next (ad)venture.

I am honored to support you on YOUR path!