Personal Roadmap


 Kantillation                       move foward with purpose

Kantillation is a technique to guide you to your next step in the future, to find your Heart's Song, your "God-Walk", the discovery and manifestation of your life's purpose.


Yoga & Ayurveda               Release Tension & Dis-ease

We reconnect with our selves, with 'God', Source, Oneness - there are many names. We focus on feeling our body and the sensations while we are getting in a pose, easing into asanas with gentleness, breath and inner focus. 


New Decision Therapy            clear stuck emotional energy

As I guide you safely through the process, you will feel deep relief when the blockage has been cleared.  Afterwards the blockage remains cleared.  It is done. You can clear one blockage at a time. Soon you are a healthier and happier you!