Christina unveiled a long awaited and dark mystery surrounding my deeper anger issues that I could never pinpoint the source of. Most people just tell me to go back and “think” about troubling moments, but Christina NAILED it. I had no idea of my inner child (anger) feelings I still had blocked in my body for over 30 years! In just a few moments, she gave me strength, clarity, and release. I’m forever grateful and I do hope to work more with her in the future!
                  ~  Andi LeBrune, Coach, VA, Online session

I walked into my first appointment with Christina uncertain of what o expect.  However, her gentle touch and technique proved to be far more effective than I imagined.  I was open to healing, but to my surprise my anger and frustration melted away after the hour long session  I could not return to the level of anger and rage I once had.  I was free!   I felt a deep release that I was never able to feel within me before.   My experience was transformative.  
K.T. - Queens NYC

Working with Christina has been nothing short of life-changing! At this point, I have done 6 sessions with her over the past year. Both in person and on Skype. Each method has been equally beneficial and powerful. I can honestly say that I am a new person from doing this work. It is transformational. The results have been remarkable and the shifts dramatic. Before doing this “forgiveness work” I used to go about my life cautious and fearful. If you can imagine an inflamed person, it was me. I worked so hard to avoid people, places and situations that triggered and irritated me in an effort to be “okay”. I was hurting - extremely reactive and angry. Even though I was mindful of what my issues were, as much as I tried with therapy and other modalities, I still struggled..almost every day. This work provided the insight, healing and space to identify, accept and work through my emotions. In essence, understand and care for them, instead of being a victim of them. It’s empowered me to take care of myself when I’m struggling, instead of looking to others to take care of me. I’m so grateful this work has come into my life. It really has been critical in helping me shed my layers of pain and trauma and get to the next level. And I plan to continue doing more of the work regularly, because there is always something to release! If you are struggling in life, don’t wait. Sign up for this work. It WILL help you! It is worth every penny, and more! 

                           ~ T. Hall, Sarasota, Florida